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Roger & Roxie have been making their famous Gourmet English Toffee to the same exacting standards for over 30 years.
We began making our Gourmet English Toffee in 1981.  We spent the Christmas Holidays with some of our cousins and their Holiday festivities included making several kinds of candies for their friends and family.  We were so impressed with the Milk Chocolate Almond English Toffee recipe we came up with that we wanted to share it with our friends and family.  For the next seventeen years that is exactly what we did, and we received rave reviews every time we gave it to someone new.  We heard over and over that receiving our homemade gift had become a tradition they looked forward to every year.
For quite a few years, some of those same friends and family members suggested we 'spread the secret' by making and selling our delicious English Toffee so others could enjoy it as well.  Their enthusiasm for the idea was so great that we decided to give it a try.  Much to our surprise, sales immediately boomed and continued to grow as the word quickly spread.  Our customers raved about how much they liked our candy and bought more every time we visited them.  Their response was so positive that we were inspired to create more flavors.  Now we have 24 flavors available!  Not all of them are made year round, some are specail order or seasonal.
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Our Story
In the Summer of 2006 our son Ed started working with us full-time.  Now that we have a second generation involved, we will continue to bring you our great flavors for many years to come.